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Recovery Corps Drug Rehab Serves Hawaii

Recovery Corps is one of Los Angeles’ top substance abuse and mental health facilities and it’s NOW in network with Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, MHN/Health New, and ComPsych. We serve all of the Hawaiian islands and are a short non-stop flight away direct to LAX.

Drug Rehab Center Serving All of Hawaii

Known for its stunning beaches, tropical temperatures, and “Aloha” vibe, Hawaii is one of the most sought after places to not only vacation but to live in the world, as well. Because of this, Hawaii’s charming and attractive topography has been a centerpiece in countless movies and famous photographic masterpieces. However, despite it being one of the most beautiful places to visit or live, many people that reside in this gorgeous, tropical paradise, find themselves gripped by a devastating cycle of addiction. Unfortunately, individual’s suffering from substance abuse in Hawaii also are faced with limited resources pertaining to recovery. 

Thankfully, there is help available for anyone suffering from a substance abuse disorder that lives in Hawaii. Just a short flight away from the island is a premier drug and alcohol rehab facility in Los Angeles that specializes in setting a firm foundation for someone wanting to recover in a safe and comfortable environment. 

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Recovery from Substance Abuse in Hawaii is Possible at a Premier Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Located in a residential neighborhood of Silver Lake near Hollywood, Recovery Corps specializes in gently and effectively guiding individuals suffering from a substance abuse disorder onto a path of life-long recovery. We know that true recovery can only really be achieved in an environment where the individual feels at peace. As such, it is our mission at Recovery Corps to provide a safe and comfortable environment for each individual entering our facility. When you enter our treatment center, we welcome you not as a patient, but as a friend and family member. We partner side-by-side with you, coming up with a treatment plan that meets your unique, individualistic needs so that you have the opportunity to build a healthy foundation of recovery that you can take with you once leaving the treatment center.

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Live Sober at Recovery Corps Drug Rehab Near Hawaii

Walking the path of recovery can feel challenging at first, especially if trying to do it alone. At Recovery Corps, we believe the best way to heal from a substance abuse disorder is to walk it out with people you can trust. As such, we make it our priority to provide an atmosphere conducive to healing by providing individuals with the kind of support that is often only associated with loving friends or family members. By giving you the comfort and peace of mind you need to recover safely and effectively, you have a much higher chance of maintaining sobriety once transitioning out of rehab.

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Build a Solid Foundation of Sobriety at a Oahu Drug & Alcohol Rehab

One of the best ways to ensure recovery is successful is to employ a multi-disciplinary, holistic approach to treatment. An example of a holistic approach that we take is to utilize all of our beautiful surroundings to help speed up the process of transformation and healing. Because Recovery Corps is located in sunny Southern California, individuals attending inpatient rehab have the opportunity to take advantage of what this amazing year round weather has to offer. As such, individuals have the ability to participate in the healing aspects of yoga, walking in nature, and art therapy classes. Furthermore, because we know that physical exercise can also help the process of recovery move along smoothly, we have employed a personal trainer that can help individuals best reap the benefits of movement. On top of that, we offer structured group outings which can provide individuals with the opportunity to engage with an active community and, thus, making their transition out of rehab much easier.

Detox in a Luxurious Hawaii Drug Rehab

One of the biggest fears most individuals have about leaving a substance-abuse lifestyle is what will await them when detoxing off the substance. Because the fear of experiencing intense withdrawal symptoms and cravings for the drug can feel so real, many people stay in a perpetual cycle of addiction to avoid these symptoms. However, if an individual is guided through a licensed and accredited detox program, withdrawal symptoms can be exponentially mitigated, giving the individual a real opportunity to heal from the side-effects of drug/alcohol abuse much quicker. At Recovery Corps, our highly qualified, compassionate detox staff members manage every aspect of detox 24/7, leaving individuals with a sense of peace and calm that no matter what may arise, they will be cared for immediately. Typically speaking, individuals will stay in detox anywhere from 3-5 days and then choose whether or not they want to deepen their recovery experience with a residential program.

During residential treatment, individuals are guided through therapeutic approaches, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, DBT, family therapy, and a myriad of other programs that ensure a successful recovery. Because residential treatment is a much more in-depth approach to recovery than detox alone, going to residential treatment after detox can provide the greatest rate of success when it comes to life-long sobriety.

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A Hawaii Drug & Alcohol Rehab That You Can Afford

While many people shy away from receiving treatment out of fear of what it will cost them financially, fortunately there is a way in which anyone wanting treatment can receive the help they need and deserve. Whether the individual is seeking detox, a residential program with a highly therapeutic setting, or both, Recovery Corps is in-network with some of the largest insurance providers in the country including: Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, MHN/Health Net, and ComPsych. We also accept private pay. In order to determine what is covered by your insurance plan or what it may cost you for private pay, please reach out to our friendly alcohol and drug addiction specialists who can assist you with any questions you have. We can explain out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles, and eligibility for all levels of care so that you won’t be surprised with any additional costs incurred later down the road. We will take care of all your financial concerns so that you can focus on your recovery instead.

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Seeking Drug Rehab Treatment in Hawaii

Fortunately for individuals in Hawaii seeking treatment for a substance abuse disorder, there is hope. Recovery Corps in Los Angeles is not only a short plane flight away, but is also a treatment center that offers a truly unique experience for every individual. With private, custom care cottages for residential care, 24/7 certified professional staff, chef services, and custom group and individual therapy sessions, Recovery Corps incorporates every healing modality possible to ensure every individual entering our doors is set on a solid foundation of recovery from day one.

Choosing to walk on the path of recovery is a sign of strength, not weakness. If you or a loved one is struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction, the time to get help is now. Do not let another precious moment slip you by while in the grips of a devastating addiction. Reach out today and see how Recovery Corps can help you get on solid, lifelong footing and fulfillment immediately. Your future self will thank you for the investment you make into your well-being right now.

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