LBGTQI Substance Abuse Program

Finding the Right LGBTQI Substance Abuse Program

Research data has consistently shown that Substance Abuse is found typically higher
in the LGBT community, and the underlying factors are found to be fear of discrimination,
lack of resources and stress.

The Truth About Coming Out

Coming out is one of the most stressful and scary times in one’s life, and when that decision is made, elements in our life change more than we ever could have imagined. Sometimes we hide who we are out of fear of losing our jobs, being kicked out of school or worse, being disowned by the ones we love. Keeping things bottled inside is not an easy task, and thus we often turn to a substance to numb those feelings and keep the pain at bay. The problem is we are just prolonging and exacerbating the situation, and it’s only a matter of time before the retaining wall gives way and the emotional swells beyond our control.

Where to go for LBGTQI Substance Treatment?

Another major struggle in the LGBT community when seeking help for Substance Abuse, is simply where do we go? And if we do happen to find a place, how do we know that the facility has specialized programming targeted for LGBT specific issues? We know that deciding on a treatment facility is one of the biggest choices, so we need to make sure the considered facility is safe, understanding of our needs, openly accepts our sexuality, gender identity, and has tailored programming to guide our choices in life.

In Depth LGBT Aftercare

The third issue in LGBT substance abuse recovery is in depth and complete aftercare. Aftercare is full circle follow up, with outlined and supported LGBT friendly sober livings, support groups,12-Step or Smart Recovery meetings, therapists and employment opportunities. The goal is to find a facility that has taken the time to customize their entire clinical, operational and staffing model for the LGBT community, provide sensitivity program training, and provide access to resources needed for lasting success. Remember, before you agree to go to any facility for treatment, ask questions and make sure they fully cover all your needs.

Our Treatment Is In-Network With Most Insurance Plans

Recovery Corps Accepts Insurance and Private Pay. Let our capable staff of alcohol and drug addiction specialists assist you with any questions that you may have and determine your insurance coverage benefits for you. We will explain the out of pocket expenses, deductibles, and eligibility for the varying levels of care, and answer any other questions that you may have. Recovery Corps will take care of billing your insurance so that you can focus on your recovery.

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