Outpatient Treatment Facility

HiFi Recovery Corps Outpatient Treatment Facility

Certified by the State Department of Health Care Services

Certification Number: 191096CP (Expiration Date: 5/31/26)

Discover A Community Of Unwavering Support On Your Journey To Successful Recovery.

HRC operates a certified outpatient treatment facility in Los Angeles, California, providing services to men and women suffering from substance abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, mental health disorders, and co-occurring disorders. Our outpatient facility offers a variety of intensive treatments for patients ranging from 18 to 64, with 6 hours of treatment daily. We do not tolerate alcohol or drug use on premises at any time.

Los Angeles Outpatient Treatment Facility Program Description

Every individual is at a unique place on their recovery journey, and before program admittance is granted, we will perform a comprehensive assessment to determine the appropriate level of treatment needed. Patients may benefit from a combination of treatment modalities such as trauma-focused therapy, family therapy, evidence-based psychotherapy techniques, or a gentler therapy approach that focuses on mindfulness meditation or yoga.

Compassion and respect are at the core of our treatment program’s foundation, helping our patients to focus on building confidence, self-esteem, navigating the road ahead and maintaining a healthy lifestyle free of substance abuse and drug addiction.

Individuals must meet the following conditions prior to admission:

  • Must undergo complete pre-treatment assessment
  • Must have medical clearance from their primary care physician
  • Must not be exhibiting signs or symptoms of withdrawal that require medical attention
  • Must understand and accept the need for abstinence from mood-altering and mind-altering chemical substances
  • Must demonstrate readiness and willingness to change behaviors, attitudes, values, beliefs, and/or overall lifestyle

If results of the initial assessment deem the patient an acceptable candidate for our outpatient treatment program, the patient will be admitted or placed on a waiting list, dependent on space availability. If the results of the assessment determine that the individual would be better served by an alternate method or treatment facility, our team will work to refer them to a program that best suits their needs.

Break The Barriers Of Substance Abuse In Our Los Angeles Outpatient Facility

Our patients never have to walk the road to recovery alone, and at HRC, we integrate a holistic treatment approach that involves partners, family, children, and friends that have been affected by the consequences of addiction. We implement proven therapeutic components and modalities that are designed to address the mental, physiological, emotional, behavioral, and psychosocial aspects of addiction, while also treating co-occurring disorders that contribute to addictive behaviors or compulsions.

We provide the support needed to thrive outside the walls of our treatment facility, helping our patients develop coping skills, actionable strategies, and long-term solutions to achieve the renewed quality of life that comes with sobriety. Patients will build marketable life skills, develop increased confidence, enhance their communication skills, and improve their social awareness. They will also be given the opportunity to express their creativity, find beauty in movement and mindfulness, and learn to respect the body and mind with purposeful self-care and authenticity.


The HRC Multidisciplinary Treatment Team

Our multidisciplinary recovery specialists focus on scientifically proven treatment modalities that are combined with a patient-centric approach to individualized recovery care. Our staff consists of directors, facility managers, credentialed addiction specialists, licensed therapists, and many other outpatient treatment professionals with years of experience in substance use disorders and recovery.

Our treatment team deeply understands the complexities of treating patients who have a dual diagnosis, and they consistently display compassion, empathy, and strong leadership to create an individualized treatment plan that directly addresses areas of struggle. These consummate professionals serve as mentors, leaders, and role models, while providing an extended support system throughout the ups and downs of successful recovery.

Treatment team members at our Los Angeles outpatient rehab center work in collaboration to drive optimal patient outcomes. Regular meetings are held to discuss patient progress, share best practices, and benefit from interdisciplinary team interaction, in order to consistently provide superior patient care.

Driven By Diversity, United By Change.

At HRC, we celebrate diversity, unconditional acceptance, and tolerance, and our culturally diverse staff is representative of the inclusive values that we prioritize at HRC. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind, as we work together to uplift and encourage each other in a supportive community built on compassion and care.

We will be stronger together, and patients will learn to become individually and collectively accountable on this shared journey toward sober living. There is a brighter tomorrow ahead, and it begins today.


Our Holistic Approach To Substance Abuse Treatment and Addiction Recovery.

Driven by a holistic approach to treatment, HRC offers a variety of therapeutic modalities that are adapted to meet the unique needs of each individual patient. Many patients benefit from our nurturing and supportive individual or group therapy environment, supplemented with additional therapies that focus on education, wellness, mindfulness, self-care, relapse prevention, personal growth, relationship building, and social development.

Each individualized treatment plan is designed to provide personal empowerment, skill development, and long-term growth for our patients. In our safe, confidential, and nonjudgmental space, patients learn to take accountability for their actions and behaviors, while also sharing and celebrating progress with their fellow group members and therapists.

Below you will find our most effective treatment modalities, which also represent those most highly utilized by our therapists and clinicians to achieve measurable successes and results-driven outcomes.

The Road To Recovery Begins With One Step Forward

At HRC, we believe that small steps forward lead to impactful lifelong change.

Take the first step on your journey today with our Los Angeles outpatient
treatment program for substance abuse and addiction recovery.